Oswaldo Moncayo
(1923 - 1984)

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O. Moncayo was born in Riobamba Ecuador, on September 10th 1923.
As a child he moved to Quito, the capital of Ecuador, where he learned the art of oil
painting. He started to paint as a child, and became a master when he was an adolescent.

O. Moncayo’s artwork is realistic and it is distinguished by the harmony of elements
and colors, and by the perfection of its minuscule details. Ecuadorian landscapes and
seascapes were the paintings’ main themes. In minor scale the artist also painted other
themes such as horses, still life, and colonial scenes. His paintings capture customs, flora,
fauna, and scenery that have been changing through time and modernity. In addition to
their beauty and artistic value, O. Moncayo’s paintings constitute a legacy to the
Ecuadorian’s culture and history.

O. Moncayo’s artwork has been acclaimed and demanded internationally.
Currently his paintings belong to museums, galleries and mainly to private collections.

Oswaldo Moncayo died on April 4th, 1984 in Quito, Ecuador.

Biographical information graciously provided by Oswaldo's siblings
Gustavo and Fanny Raquel as well as from the OswaldoMoncayo.com website.

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