Carlos Bolivar Moncayo Narvaez
(Son of Carlos Moncayo Viteri)

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Born October 26, 1930

Carlos Moncayo is the son of artist Carlos Moncayo Viteri,the nephew of
the artist Hector Moncayo and a cousin of Oswaldo Moncayo,
Fanny Raquel Moncayo and Gustavo Moncayo.  He is the
brother of Gonzalo Moncayo, the music composer.

Carlos retired from Ecuadorian military service as a Major and
took up painting late in life.  He was self-taught in different
forms of painting.

He has organized a number of expositions along with other
artist friends at venues such as:

Tennis Club Guayaquil
Instituto Geografico Militar
Circulo Militar
Associacion de Generales Fuerzas Armadas
Quito Tennis y Golf Club

His works can also be found in various private art galleries

He has been painting since 1980

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