The Artists

It is with great pleasure that we present to you a sampling of the fine paintings created by
the talented Moncayo artists from Ecuador, South America. We feel certain that you will
appreciate the beautiful manner in which they portray the snowcaps, landscapes and
people of Ecuador, as well as their paintings of still-life and other subject matter.

We are very pleased and honored to be in contact with descendants of both
Moncayo families and have created this site to honor and share
the beauty of their artwork with you.


The Patriarchs

There are two Moncayo families represented on these pages:

The Hector (H.) Moncayo family and the Emilio (E.) Moncayo family.

The families are not related, but Emilio and Hector were friends since their youth.

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The Hector (H.) Moncayo Family

Hector Moncayo Viteri (H. Moncayo)

Hector's Wife

Elena Merino de Moncayo (Elena de Moncayo)

Hector's Brother

Carlos Moncayo Viteri (C. Moncayo V.)

Carlos's Son

Carlos Bolivar Moncayo Narvaez (C. Moncayo N.)

Hector & Elena's Children

Oswaldo Moncayo (O. Moncayo)

Fanny Raquel Moncayo de Martinez (F. Raquel Moncayo)

Hector Gustavo Moncayo Merino (G. Moncayo)

Hector & Elena's Grandchildren

Violeta Moncayo (Oswaldo's Daughter)

Leonardo Moncayo Martinez (Fanny Raquel's Son)

The Emilio (E.) Moncayo Family

Emilio Moncayo (E. Moncayo)

Emilio's Sons

Antonio Moncayo (A. Moncayo)

Jose Moncayo (J. Moncayo)

Italia Moncayo (I. Moncayo)

Miguel Angel Moncayo (Miguel Moncayo)

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